VoIP Calls


You can call anywhere and anyplace in the world by using the low rates offered by Inter Telecom.

Voice over IP (VoIP) technology allows calls via the internet, minimizing the cost of the call compared to the public telephone network.

How can I make VoIP calls?

First, you must create an account at Inter Telecom, which will allow you to use all of our services.

Then, there are 2 ways:

  • VoIP calls from PC via VoIP software

Make VoIP calls with the help of a software. The installation is fast and simple. Get instructions

  • VoIP calls from specific VoIP devices

Specific VoIP devices are available in the market, which you can get from most of the stores with electronic devices.

Some of these devices are adaptors that allow you to use the existing phone as VoIP device.

Another device is a VoIP phone, which looks like a common phone, but makes and receives calls only from the internet.

To see the instructions regarding the installation of the related equipment, click here

How can I receive calls?

Now, you can receive calls from any landline or mobile phone in Greece or abroad. The only thing required is choosing the geographic number that suits you. Learn more

The calls among Inter Telecom users are free of charge