Mobile Internet

Internet has become an important part of the modern man's life. Whether for personal use or for business, the access to the internet is a service that we all seek.

Inter Telecom brings in Mobile Internet to its new SIM card, offering the possibility to connect to your favorite social networks (facebook, twitter etc.), check your email, chat via skype and "surf" on your favorite websites!

Activate Mobile Internet on your phone

Mobile Internet is available from the moment your SIM card is activated. The only action you need to take is to enter the appropriate settings on your mobile phone.

General settings

APN: globaldata
Username: leave EMPTY
Password: leave EMPTY

Automatic activation

Dial *172# and follow the onscreen instructions.


  1. Press Settings
  2. Press Network
  3. Press Cellular Data Network
  4. Press APN and enter: globaldata
  5. Press Username: leave EMPTY
  6. Press Password: leave EMPTY
  7. Press Network


  1. Press Menu
  2. Press Settings
  3. Press Wireless & networks
  4. Press Mobile networks
  5. Press Access Point Names
  6. Press Menu
  7. Press New ΑΡΝ
  8. Name: Inter Telecom
  9. APN: globaldata
  10. Press Menu
  11. Press Save
  12. Press Back
  13. Select the ΑΡΝ: Inter Telecom
  14. Press Back
  15. Check Data enabled
  16. Check Data roaming