VoIP Rates

Inter Telecom offers the most competitive prices in the market combined with the best quality and per second billing from the first second!

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Destination Prefix Price
GREECE - Fixed300.02 €/minute
GREECE - Fixed302170000.02 €/minute
GREECE - Fixed302317000.02 €/minute
GREECE - Fixed3023518000.02 €/minute
GREECE - Mobile306970.075 €/minute
GREECE - Mobile306980.075 €/minute
GREECE - Mobile306940.075 €/minute
GREECE - Mobile306950.075 €/minute
GREECE - Mobile306900.075 €/minute
GREECE - Mobile306930.075 €/minute
GREECE - Mobile306990.075 €/minute
  • All above prices include VAT
  • Per second billing from the first second

You cannot make emergency calls via Inter Telecom