Callmeback service allows you to call from any phone (fixed or mobile), from any part of the world, without being charged by your phone's provider!*

Nowadays, a telephone is not just a means of communication, rather it is a tool required at work and in everyday life. That is why Inter Telecom offers you a new service, based on VoIP technology, which eases your communication in Greece and abroad!

(+30) 217 0000 217

Dial (+30) 217 0000 217 and Inter Telecom will call you back!

To whom this service is addressed to?

This service is addressed to people of any age and profession.

Have you ever happened to

  • need to call from your prepaid phone without wanting to spend the remaining balance on your phone?
  • be abroad and operator's rates for outgoing calls being too high?
  • call from home without wanting to charge your phone bill?
  • need to call abroad without worrying about the bill?
  • ...

There are many other cases which happened to you and to us. The only certain thing is that we all need an alternative way of communication to help us solve these small daily problems.

How does it work?

  • You need to create an account in order to use Inter Telecom services.
  1. Dial (+30) 217 0000 217
  2. Cancel the call as soon as you hear the busy tone
  3. Inter Telecom will call you back
  4. Dial the number you wish to call and press #

This service is charged according to Inter Telecom's price list for the call to your number and for the call to the destination you have entered

*Some operators in countries abroad charge incoming calls!